Plexus Block

Alright guys, here is another video for my video series! It’s all about PLEXUS BLOCK! Ya’ll I literally love Block so much. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I will be armed with Block. Thanksgiving is one meal I don’t want to miss out on, it’s my FAVORITE meal of the year. Love love it! So here is a short video about Plexus Block! Have questions? Feel free to click ‘contact‘ and message me!



My Triplex Testimony

Okay, so I have been on Plexus Triplex consistently for almost a full year. When I first started with Plexus, I started Triplex but then stopped really for no reason. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the impact the Triplex had on me.

So upon starting it, of course I went through DETOX! This is where most people quit because they either can’t stand the detox or they think the product “isn’t working” when in reality, it IS working. TRUST THE PROCESS!!! Think about what you put your body through! You can’t expect your body to immediately bounce back from the years of damage you’ve done to it! My detox consisted of a pretty leery headache, nausea and fatigue and lasted about four days. I pushed through because I knew if I just made it through it, I wouldn’t regret it, and to this day I don’t!

So many issues stem from our gut and when our guts are out of whack, our bodies are out of whack. Our gut is like our second brain basically! I like to think of it as our “happy place”. Why? Well 90% of our bodies Serotonin comes from our gut! If you find yourself struggling with an off mood, happiness and calmness, I can honestly say Triplex can help. I used to struggle pretty bad with anxiety and low self-esteem. Since getting my gut back in check, my anxiety has been kept at bay and I’m honestly a more happy person! Now everyone is different so I can’t tell you YES it WILL work for you but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Things Triplex has helped me with …

  • Overall mood
  • Weight loss
  • Migraines
  • Constipation / Regularity
  • Sleep
  • Immunity

I want to emphasize the immunity part. I started teaching three years ago and my first year teaching I had strep, the flu, several sinus infections and migraines galore! When I started using the Triplex consistently, I can say that I have not had a migraine and I have not been near as sick as I have been in the past. Like maybe one or two colds! Being a teacher, having a strong immunity is almost a must! SO if you’re a teacher and reading this, I felt your pain! I can help you out!

Needless to say, I think EVERYONE can benefit from the Triplex. Whether you’re fit and healthy or just think you don’t need it. I can promise you, EVERYONE needs a healthy gut and Triplex delivers.

The new Slim ain’t no JOKE!

I posted this on Facebook about a week ago and it took a lot for me to do it. I wondered, would people be negative? Would people see the difference? Am I imagining what I see in my reflection today! So I went for it. All the post said was “This new Slim ain’t no joke” just like the blog title. The response I got was HUGE! I was honestly really surprised at the response I received.


I have been using Plexus products Since October 2015, specifically the Triplex (Original Slim, Pro Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse). Yes I saw results on the original Slim and it was great BUT this new Slim is a game changer. After two months of using it, my clothes fit different and inches were gone. I can’t tell you weight loss since I don’t own a scale! But pictures speak a thousand words! For differences between the original slim and the new slim go to my previous blog post here.

Now, I want to share this with all of my readers! We are having a 7 Day Slim Challenge starting July 10. All you need to do this is a 7 day Slim trial pack that’s only $24.95. IF you don’t fall in love in love with it (which I’m sure you will) just return it for a FULL refund. It’s RISK FREE! Want to give it a try? Visit my website, click “shop”, click retail, click ‘Trial Packs” at the top and select the “7 Day Slim Trial”. If you do this please send me a message or find me on Facebook so I can add you to the group and meet you!


7 Day Slim Trial Pack

I was told I was Obese…


Yesterday I went to the doctor just for my annual check up. Everything came back normal, praise Jesus, but something was on my chart that had never been there. My chart had the word “OBESE” on it. OBESE! Let’s think about this word for a minute…. when you Google that word here is the definition: “grossly fat or overweight”. So now I’m in a category of being ‘grossly fat’? Do you know how damaging that is to a person? Someone who has never been told she was obese, even when she was larger than she is now, and to be labeled that? Yesterday, that rocked my world completely. I called my mom sobbing over what I had just seen. For someone who had started their weight loss journey at a size 16, constantly worrying about how she looked and what she ate to now being a 10/12, having so much more confidence, and to be told she was obese after all the hard work? That kind of stuff makes you want to go and hide under a rock. I let it consume my thoughts for about an hour then I realized, the word obese does not define me and who I am. A single word isn’t my reality nor will it ever be. That’s what’s wrong in today’s society. You go over a certain pant size, your ‘fat’ or ‘big’. There are these unrealistic and unattainable ways society THINKS women should look. No wonder there are so many body image issues! So no, I am not going to be defined as ‘obese’. I define myself and I follow what God puts before me. Not some bracket. I will continue to push myself to meet MY personal goal and I’ll do that on Prayer, Plexus, consistency and pushing myself.


Going GOLD!!!!


The title gives the ending away but lets back up to January 2017 for a minute. In January I wanted to QUIT. The business side of Plexus was just becoming more and more frustrating for me and seemed more like a chore than a passion. I reached out, sent samples, and nothing. There was no growth for months, I wasn’t being a good example of a leader for my team and I had given up. I was ready to talk to my up line, Sally, I just wasn’t sure what I was going to tell her because she had believed in me so much. I talked to my husband about it and prayed and prayed over my Plexus business and what God wanted me to do with it. I waited until he finally told me not to quit. He had a plan for me and I needed to be patient. Let me tell you, patience it not my strong suit but God needed me to be so I had to. Fast forward to April, this was the month I knew in my gut things were about to change. My team added some awesome new ambassadors that had hit the ground running! Towards the end of the month I HIT GOLD! I was beyond floored and excited. Something that I didn’t feel was attainable for me, was done! It was done in His timing and in His plan and there was a lesson to be learned. I had to be there for my team, I had to be their leader, set the example. I had to trust in Gods plan and know he had my back. So moral of the story, DON’T QUIT! When you feel like quitting, pray. Pray for guidance, trust in His plan for you, trust me, he’s got one!



You know those work out pants, the ones that are really tight and you worry “holy crap can you see through these things!”. Yeah, I HAD those work out pants. I HAD those pants that I worried were a little too tight that they may be see through. Ya’ll, I put them on today and they were too loose! Like falling down loose and having to do the shimmy to get them back up. (the shimmy we all do when our jeans are stretched out by the end of the day). Just another NON SCALE victory for me!


2 Week Check In!

Alright guys, here’s my two week check in! Remember, I don’t have a scale, but pictures don’t lie!  The one on the left is my two week mark picture and the one on the right is the first picture I took! It’s a slow process but I’m getting there! Slow and steady wins the race!

What have I been doing?

  • working out 4-5 days a week (walking, weights, circuit training)
  • making changes to how I eat, I am more conscious as to what I put in my body but I am not depriving my self. Everyone needs a little cheat here and there.
  • taking my Plexus products consistently!



Day 4…

Hey guys! Just checking in and holding myself accountable! I have worked out everyday except yesterday. (I’ll get to why later) I’ve also been eating low carb meals and snacks, I am trying to stay at or under 30 grams of carbs a day. For example, tonight I am having a Taco Salad (made at home) which is composed of lean ground beef, shredded lettuce, chopped medium tomato, a little bit of shredded cheese, some sliced black olives and some salsa. YUM! My workouts have consisted of using an agility ladder, some free weights, resistance bands and the dreaded thigh master. I usually do 3 sets of something and between sets I go up and down the agility ladder to keep my heart rate up. I’ve honestly just been using things from Pinterest to incorporate into my workouts. I have also recently discovered Bikini Body Mommy (even though I am not a mommy). I feel like her workouts are pretty on point and doable! I’ll be starting one of her 90 day challenges tomorrow. Now, I did not work out yesterday because I needed a field trip to the big city with a good friend of mine. Everyone needs a change of scenery!!!

So here I am 4 days in and I am feeling more energized throughout my day and I’m not cranky! I do not have a scale so I’m not sure how much I have lost, if any yet. (hard to tell being 4 days in) But I’m trucking along and sticking to my commitment! Keep an eye out for some blog posts with I am eating!

and so it begins….

Well I’ve never actually done before pictures so this was very new and hard for me. I will say, not happy with what I see. (**Disclaimer… I have a resting crank face, but I’m not a cranky person!**) It was hard to look at these pictures knowing that it was I look like. But I am excited and ready to get busy with this challenge! I will posting pictures every two weeks with my progress. I do not own a scale, I believe in non-scale victories! I will also post periodically with my food choices and work outs. Speaking of workouts! I have purchased an agility ladder, thigh master (lord help me) and resistance bands so if you have ANY good workouts with these, comment below! I’m excited and nervous but I want to share my journey with you all! Ready, set, go!




1 year

Today is special for me not only because it is Americas 240th birthday, but because today marks a year since I have had a SODA! Now I started this before I even knew about Plexus but since starting Plexus it has helped me not crave them. Stopping cold turkey is incredibly hard, especially when you are someone who drank 3 -4 sodas A DAY. Ya’ll soda is no good for you or your body!!! Think of all the CRAP you are putting in your body when you drink one. If you or someone you know is struggling to quit drinking sodas, Plexus may be able to help make it easier!