Bio Cleanse

It’s day 2 of my video series!!! Ya’ll voted on twitter so here it is! BIO CLEANSE! Be sure you’re following me on twitter and Instagram so that you vote and see what’s new!



Video Series starts TODAY!!!

I am starting a video series about Plexus products (( I bummed this idea from a friend of mine )). I will upload one everyday to every other day. These are just short 5 minutes or less informational videos about their products and my experiences with them. So first on our series is ….. drum roll please …..


Network Marketing… What it REALLY is.

People for some reason think network marketing is a scam or pyramid scheme ((I’ll get to that in a minute)) and have a negative outlook about it. Well whether you want to admit it or not, YOU network market everyday, unknowingly. Example: YOU share on social media things you purchase or places you’re going and what do people do? They ASK you about it! Where did you get those or how was your trip? I’m thinking about going! 

Lets back up and really quick look at what network marketing is…. Network Marketing, as defined by Sarah Robbins, “It is a model that takes ordinary people like me and helps them achieve extraordinary results! … Network marketing provides a turnkey business where you start at a low-cost, it carries little to no risk, and there’s no experience necessary to begin. It carries many incredible benefits such as: FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY, FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY, FUN & FRIENDSHIP, and FABULOUS OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH! Rock Your Network Marketing Business, Sarah Robbins. 


Who wouldn’t want all of those things and then some! With Plexus these things ARE possible! Many people think of it as a gym membership with a contract, everyone knows those are a PAIN to get out of. It’s not like this at all with Plexus. You sign up and end up not wanting to do the business, then don’t do it. You have no monthly quotas, you aren’t required to host parties and you don’t have to buy everything upfront to have inventory, customers go directly to your website and purchase there. It’s that easy. Too many network marketing companies require way too much money upfront from their ambassadors/consultants, but not Plexus. 

Lets look at why Plexus is NOT a ‘Pyramid Scheme’…. 

  1. First off, pyramid schemes are illegal! 
  2. Low buy in cost, $34.95 for a year and that includes your website for the year
  3. you CAN surpass the person that signed you up by rank
  4. Plexus actually has products that people need & want, meaning they have value
  5. There’s NO contract, you can walk away anytime you want 
  6. No mandatory/minimum purchase 
  7. 60 day money back guarantee 

So yes, when you sit there are try to tell me ‘oh it’s just another pyramid scheme’, I’m legit rolling my eyes at you in my mind. 

For me, personally, I have been in network marketing almost two years. I have experienced flexibility, REAL financial opportunity, lifelong friends and growth. What I love about Plexus is that THE COMPANY recognizes their ambassadors for their success for almost everything! It’s incredible. My husband and I have been blessed by this company and we are truly grateful for the opportunity that network marketing has given us. So the next time you see something about network marketing, don’t think negatively about it. You have just been educated! 

Vitalbiome Vs. ProBio 5

So many people have asked why do we have two probiotics? Well they are both very different and play very different rolls in our bodies. I took notes at convention so I’ll share what I wrote. 


Vitalbiome is one of Plexus’s newest products that was released in June 2017 at Convention. What is it? It is a true probiotic by raising levels of the 8 most beneficial strains of probiotics in your microbiome ( your gut basically ). Vitalbiome has been clinically shown in handling mood, stress and anxiety as well as a better immune system, relaxation and helps with GI issues/dysbiosis

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH VITALBIOME — > Since taking it I, and even my husband, have noticed that I am more relaxed about things and am not so stressed out and anxious. I started taking it the second week of June. 


ProBio 5

Probio 5 has been around when I started and the formula hasn’t changed. It is literally one of the best probiotics you can get yours hands on. What is it? Probio 5 is ALL about the enzymes in our bodies. It’s primary goal is to basically get in your gut and kill off all the bad stuff (yeast/candida) so that the good stuff can do its job. If we don’t kill off the bad then the good bacteria cant flourish.  

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH PROBIO 5 — > I have been using ProBio 5 since I started back in October 2015 and I’ll be honest…. I’m a teacher and my first year teaching I was sick ALL the time. Literally got the Flu for the first time, several migraines throughout the year and sinus infections galore. My second year teaching is when I started using it and I wasn’t sick the rest of the year. To this day I haven’t been near as sick, now I’m not saying YOU’LL NEVER GET SICK, but it has helped tremendously. I think this would be beneficial to anyone who works with kiddos. 


So in closing, Probio 5 DOES NOT replace Vitalbiome but instead think of them as sisters. They work together to make sure that your get is getting all that it needs to flourish. Think of a lawn, you need to WEED (probio 5) it and get rid of the bad things in your yard (gut). Then you need to SEED (vitalbiome) your yard (gut) so that your yard looks good and flourishes. 

30 Day Slim Challege

18944394_10213203400340152_459521086_nMy team and I are hosting a 30 Day Slim Challenge starting June 19 and we would love to have you! If you struggle with caffeine cravings, weight loss, sugar cravings, exhaustion or trouble sleeping then this challenge is for you.

What you can expect from the challenge….

  • Daily workouts
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Recipe ideas
  • Product info and highlights

If for some reason you don’t love the products, Plexus offers a 60 day money back guarantee. I will say, Plexus has less then a 1% return rate on their products if that says anything 😉

So if you’re up for the challenge, hit that contact button or find me on Facebook and send me a message!

I’m Going Where?



I can hardly contain my excitement about Leaders Retreat this year! It’s in ….. ORLANDO and Plexus has partnered with Disney. I will tell you this, I WILL GO TO LEADERS RETREAT! I’ve already started pushing and pushing. If you are wanting to go, now is the time to step it up push! We can do this!

What are some Leaders Retreat incentives? 

  • Off course all expense paid trip to Orlando (except air fare)
  • $150 in fun money
  • Private Reception
  • $750 fun money
  • Exclusive visit to either Disney OR Universal Studios
  • $3,000 shopping spree at Bloomingdale’s

Plexus sure knows how to spoil their ambassadors and reward them for their hard work. I know I’ll be working hard, will you?

Need help tracking? Download and print this —–> 2017 Leaders retreat

Can’t wait to see y’all there!!! Want to go? Click that “contact” button and let’s get you there!


Plexus Convention!



Where do I even start! Plexus Convention was AMAZING. The theme this year was BELIEVE and that’s exactly what it did for me. In my previous blog posts I talked about wanting to quit Plexus. I didn’t believe in it or myself anymore. With speakers like Carrie Wilkerson, Les Brown, Aimee Darling, Sara Marble, Michelle Thomas and Helen McFadden, believing in yourself isn’t hard to do! They are so so inspiring. Carrie Wilkerson  had a story that really hit home with me and it was about our beliefs. She talked about how our beliefs can become dangerous because our belief becomes out truth. Her example, she BELIEVED that she couldn’t wear white because it made her look bigger, so she only wore black. I used to have a belief that I looked horrible, overweight and not like other people. It wasn’t until recently that my belief changed. Our biggest obstacle is ourselves. She shared with us the ABC method.

  • A – Arrest it / arrest the beliefs that we believe are true
  • B – Betray it / expose something for what it is
  • C – Correct it / make a plan and correct it

We need to believe that something different will happen! I just loved her stories, encouragement that I was able to relate to her.

Convention also helped me better understand my business and what it is that I, as a leader, need to do. I truly believe that Convention is something all ambassadors should go to, it’s just so inspiring. Plus you get to meet all those amazing people you’re Facebook friends with and form a REAL friendship with them.

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Let’s briefly look at NEW PRODUCTS!!!! During convention they released TWO new products, both have which been CLINICALLY STUDIED!!!! So you know they are legit. (More in depth blog post to come)


There’s literally so much I could blog about but I am going to break the blog up into several smaller posts to be on the look out! Questions about Vitalbiome or X-Factor Plus? Hit the contact button up top and I’ll respond!

Plexus Accelerator +

Thanks again to everyone who voted for my next blog topic! Accelerator + was the WINNER!!! Brace yourselves, lots of GOOD information coming your way!!!


Plexus Accelerator

My personal experience with Accelerator — When I started Plexus back in October 2015, I started with the Triplex and Accelerator. I’ve been using it ever since. My first three months I had lost 12 pounds and several inches around my waist. I started at a size 16 and had dropped to a 14, currently a size 10/12 (depending on the store, we all know the struggle!). The one thing that really stood out to me with the Accelerator was that my anxiety and depression had started to dwindle. My testimony with my anxiety will have to be another blog post for another day, stay tuned!


What is Accelerator +?  It works synergistically with Plexus Slim and boosts the body’s metabolic rate, burn fat more efficiently, increase energy, suppresses appetite* and has it’s very own proprietary blend which I will discuss farther down this post.


  • Niacin: improves cholesterol levels
  • Vitamin B6: supports adrenal function, calms and maintains a healthy nervous system and necessary for metabolic processes
  • Vitamin B12: benefits your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, digestion and more
  • Folic Acid: helps the body produce and maintain new cells and helps with anemia
  • Chromium: essential for the metabolic process, blood sugar regulator, heart health, weight management and brain health. Read more about it here, pretty neat info!

Proprietary Blend

  • Higenamine: fat burning potential
  • Hordenine: potential fat loss, appetite control and energy
  • 5-HTP: this one I LOVE! Helps with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, ADHD and Fibromyalgia. Read more about it here!
  • Hawthorne Extract: digestive system support
  • Green Tea Extract: increases fat burning potential
  • Yerba Mate: boosts energy, aids in mental functions, can boost the immune system. Read more about it here!


Many people absolutely LOVE the Accelerator and see great results! If you have any questions about it or how to get your hands on some, click the contact button and send me a message! I’ll get back to you pretty quick! I look forward to hearing from you!


NEW Plexus Slim

I have received the new and improved Plexus Slim and I am beyond excited to share with everyone about it!

First off, have you seen the new packaging?!?! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

TASTE? I have had SEVERAL people ask me what the new Plexus Slim tastes like. It is a blend of watermelon, lemon and raspberry, all of which are naturally sourced. It honestly tastes like watermelon lemonade. I’ll be honest, I do not like watermelon flavored things but this is actually very good. It’s not near as sweet as the original Slim, which tasted like a cherry Tootsie Pop.

MIXING? When I saw that they had released a new Slim I wondered if they had changed the mix any to better dissolve to avoid clumps like the original Slim had. The new Slim is more soluble and dissolves SO much easier in cold water. You don’t have to shake it but three or four times and it’s mixed!

BENEFITS? One of the new benefits I am so excited about is the fact that slim now has a PREBIOTIC (Xylooligosaccharides)  in it which helps make your gut healthier! Basically a prebiotic feeds probiotics so that they can do their jobs in your gut. Slim also helps support weight loss, healthy glucose metabolism and nourishes the growth of beneficial gut micro-flora.*


NEW FORMULA! (Patent Pending) The new formula is microbiome activating, which means it is designed to help your gut thrive. I have used this saying before, “your gut is like the roots of a tree and if your roots aren’t getting what they need the tree isn’t going to thrive”. When explaining the importance of gut health I always use that because it’s easier for people to understand.


I am BEYOND excited about this! I have been drinking the new Slim now for about four days and I love it. I can definitely tell a difference in my appetite as I am not craving or eating near as much junk and I am actually CRAVING water! That’s right, water! I am so passionate about this product and believe it to its entirety. So many people, including myself, have had such GREAT success with it. If you have ANY questions about Plexus Slim, please click the contact button located at the top of this page and I will gladly answer any questions you might have!


FDA-disclaimer“For this review, Plexus sent me a free bag of Slim, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.”

Plexus Slim REVAMPED!

Yesterday was THE BIG REVEAL and let me tell you, it was BIG! Plexus has never done something like this before so it’s a pretty big deal. They have completely re-branded, from the Plexus logo, to product design to even revamping the famous Pink Drink.  How did they change Slim (the pink drink)?


  • Plexus Slim has a new flavor! So for those of you who aren’t huge fans of the flavor, brace yourself! Slim’s new flavor consists of a watermelon, lemon and raspberry blend, all natural I might add, and it’s not as sweet as the original. Can you say YUM! ❤
  • It can FINALLY mix in cold water, no more CLUMPS!!!
  • It has been clinically tested to improve fat loss!
  • It can support our gut microbiome like never before. How? With PREBIOTICS!!! What is a Prebiotic? Prebiotics essencially feed the probiotics so that they can do their job! With these prebiotics Slim has been clinically proven to increase Lactobacillus (friendly bacteria) by 365 times, Bifidobacterium (restores good bacteria) by 290 times, Akkermansia (metabolism) by 250 times, Butyrate (anti-inflammatory)up to 58% and Proprionate by 25%. Ya’ll this is crazy good for your gut.
  • Patent pending so Plexus is literally the ONLY one that has this.


It is currently only available to Plexus ambassadors until later in May when anyone can order it. I’ve been able to order mine and am anxiously waiting for its arrival! I will be sharing another post about my first impressions of it when I get it! In the mean time, feel free to visit the Plexus Slim website for more info.