Plexus Compensation Plan, Like No Other!

You read the title right, Plexus has a compensation plan like no other. I truly believe their compensation plan sets them apart from “other” companies. Plus their products are legit. So lets dig into their compensation plan a little further. (This post also by no means is bashing other companies nor am I going to compare the Plexus compensation plan to others, this post is just to share how Plexus treats and values their ambassadors)


So above is an ambassadors average annual income. This info is info that has been released by the company so no made up numbers here. How nice would it be to have residual income like this. Think about the things you could pay off! So not only do you get paid by ‘rank’ but you also get bonuses. BONUSES YA’LL! That means you could get paid once a week if you get it right. Plus you get rank advancement bonuses. So for example, when I ranked to Silver Ambassador Plexus gave me a bonus, when I ranked up to Gold Ambassador Plexus gave me a bigger bonus. Eventually you’ll get to Emerald and uhm get a PLEXUS LEXUS!!! WHAT! Plus a paid vacay by Plexus to Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want that?

11 Ways to get Paid: 

  1. Preferred Customer Bonuses – this means anytime a preferred customer places and order, you get a bonus anywhere from $5 – $22 from their orders.
  2. Retail Rewards Commission – Ambassadors can earn up to 25% of their personal volume. 100 – 499 personal volume – 15%, 500 and up 25%.
  3. Retail Rewards Override Commission – you basically get 5% earning from your level ones who are commission qualified.
  4. Business Building Bonus – when your new ambassador orders a welcome pack you get a bonus anywhere from $7 – $25 if not more, depending on what they get.
  5. Achievement Bonuses – this is what I was talking about when you rank up as an ambassador up to Sr. Ruby. Rank up to Silver-  $100 bonus, Gold – $250 bonus, Sr. Gold – $350, Ruby – $500 and Sr. Ruby – $750. Pretty AWESOME!
  6. Fast Start Achievement – what this means is if you fast track gold or higher within your first 30 days you get a bonus.
  7. Plexus Points – I have come to find the points is where ambassadors make their money. The points are everything! For each ambassador on your down line through a certain amount of levels you get points anywhere from 1 point to 5 points. Each point is worth so much at the end of month. So for example, you’re a Gold Ambassador and you have 135 points and each pay point is $2.11, just from points you’d earn about $285.
  8. Emerald Pool Bonus – this is for Emerald ambassadors. What this means is that Emerald ambassadors receive 3% of the company’s commissionable volume each month, assuming you are commission qualified.
  9. Sapphire Pool Bonus – this is for Sapphire Ambassadors. Not only do they also get the Emerald Pool Bonus but they also get another 1% of the company’s commissionable volume.
  10. Diamond Pool Bonus – Diamond is the highest rank with Plexus and you get bonuses from all 3 pools (Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond)
  11. Diamond Re-Entry – Yup, you can do it all over again and be a double diamond! It has been done!

Plus when you reach Emerald you get a white Plexus Lexus and the trip to Hawaii and when you reach Diamond you get a black Plexus Lexus.

To sum it up, the Plexus Compensation Plan is no joke and the best out there hands down. Want a more in depth read? Check the link below! Any questions, feel free to hit that contact button!



60 Day Trim Up Challenge!!!


Ya’ll! Plexus has just announced an amazing tool for us to take advantage of! They have announced the Plexus 60 Day Trim Up!

What is it: This is a 60 day challenge with some AWESOME prizes. All you have to do is either be a Plexus Ambassador OR Preferred Customer. (Please read full contest rules attached) It’s a challenge so yes you are essentially competing for prizes! To qualify for a chance to win you must…

  • have an unconditional auto shipment set between January 1 – 16 of $125 or more
  • use Plexus weight loss products only (Any combo of Triplex, Accelerator +, Slim, Boost, Block, P96)
  • Submit 2 before & after pictures (one from the side, one from the front)
  • Submit a “Trim Up” story at the end of your journey

It’s that easy and I’m so excited to get started! Now lets talk about PRIZES ❤


  • 2 Grand Prize Winners: All expenses paid trip for two to Walt Disney World, professional make over and photo shoot, $1500 shopping spree and $500 Plexus product credit!
  • 18 Finalist: $1000 shopping spree and $250 Plexus product credit!
  • 40 Semi-Finalists: $500 shopping spree and $150 Plexus product credit!

What is available to you?

  • exclusive health advice
  • private 60 Day Trim Up Facebook page
  • recipes
  • weight loss guides
  • and a little extra nudge to keep you on track

So who’s with me?! I am so so excited to get started! I will be documenting my journey on social media (blog, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat). It starts tomorrow for me so here we go!!!!



What does it mean to be a Plexus Ambassador?


Ø NO Parties
Ø NO Inventory
Ø NO Quotas
Ø NO Pressure
✅ Wholesale Pricing ⭐
✅ Potential to get your products paid for each month 👍🏼
✅ Potential to get paid 5 times a month 🤑💸💰
✅ An extremely generous compensation plan {& I mean EXTREMELY generous 😉}
✅ Personal health transformation {I had no idea how badly I needed Plexus until I started!😳}
✅ The opportunity to help those you love get healthy ❤

✋But wait!

You don’t have to promote or run a Plexus business to be an ambassador. It’s very easy! It is just like having a Costco or gym membership—you pay a yearly membership fee, and get all of your products at the lowest price available! And the yearly membership costs less than a Costco membership! If you decide down the road that you want to work the business and make some money, you have myself and a team of smart, fun, knowledgeable people to help you make that a possibility. 🙂

Ready to start living the Plexus way? Message me today!


Okay I went silver back in December 2015 and it was a huge step for me! It took me almost two months to get there but I did. Plexus friends understand this, we all move at different paces!!!!! God has his plan for us so we need to be patient no matter how frustrating it gets!!! Let me tell you, last month people were promoting on the team I’m on left and right. Silver, Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby and even an Emerald!!! Talk about a defeated feeling. Yes, your happy for the others who promoted but know that one day that will be you. It can and will happen as long as you work for it! I saw this tweet the other day and it made me open my eyes about my Plexus business.

“If you want something but have no real plan to get it, you don’t really want it”

Promoting to the higher ranks of Plexus can’t happen if you don’t have a plan. You either work this business like a part time job and get part time job results OR you work it full time and get full time results! Be patient with yourself, write your goals, make a plan and you can and will make it up there Plexus friends!!!


Getting out of my Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago a few my of team members wanted to host an opportunity meeting and they wanted ME to be a part of it. I am not one to talk in front of people but I know Plexus is all about getting out of your comfort zone, especially if you want to get better. So yesterday I spoke in front of a large group at a coffee shop about my testimony and what sets Plexus apart from other companies.


Opportunity Meeting Flyer

Y’all, I met so many awesome people at this meeting! I met people from other Plexus teams and it was truly reflective of the One Plexus motto. Though we are all on different teams, we are all one. That’s one of the reasons I love this company. I have met awesome people and have made new friends!