About Plexus



Plexus is a health and wellness company that offers natural, plant-based supplements helping with a RANGE of issues: overall health, weight management and digestive health. The main product is Plexus Slim or our “pink drink”: a berry flavored drink you mix with water (not a meal replacement or shake!) that balances blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and lipids (or fat). It is for overall health where it balances your whole body. And when your body is balanced, your body burns the right kind of energy (stored fat!), you naturally become more energetic because your body isn’t being depleted of energy that you need, you sleep better waking more refreshed, it helps you make better food choices and detoxes your body so you get healthy from the inside out and lose weight if you need to! The other products are capsules that work together with the Slim to help with overall, digestive health, and can speed up results!




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