About Me

My name is Liz and I have been an ambassador with Plexus since October 2015. I am currently a Gold Ambassador and loving every minute of helping others reach their health goals! Plexus has helped me so much by overcoming food controlling everything about me. I actually have WILLPOWER! It has truly been a blessing from my health, self esteem and financially.




Since being on Plexus I have had several changes with my body including….

  • started at a size 16, currently a size 12
  • sleeping like a rock
  • no more COKE
  • less anxiety
  • making better food choices
  • eating less
  • not craving CARBS!!!
  • actually exercising

**This site is not run by Plexus Worldwide Inc.  This is a blog run by an individual who uses and sells the products.  The blog is intended to reflect my personal experiences with these products.