My Triplex Testimony

Okay, so I have been on Plexus Triplex consistently for almost a full year. When I first started with Plexus, I started Triplex but then stopped really for no reason. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the impact the Triplex had on me.

So upon starting it, of course I went through DETOX! This is where most people quit because they either can’t stand the detox or they think the product “isn’t working” when in reality, it IS working. TRUST THE PROCESS!!! Think about what you put your body through! You can’t expect your body to immediately bounce back from the years of damage you’ve done to it! My detox consisted of a pretty leery headache, nausea and fatigue and lasted about four days. I pushed through because I knew if I just made it through it, I wouldn’t regret it, and to this day I don’t!

So many issues stem from our gut and when our guts are out of whack, our bodies are out of whack. Our gut is like our second brain basically! I like to think of it as our “happy place”. Why? Well 90% of our bodies Serotonin comes from our gut! If you find yourself struggling with an off mood, happiness and calmness, I can honestly say Triplex can help. I used to struggle pretty bad with anxiety and low self-esteem. Since getting my gut back in check, my anxiety has been kept at bay and I’m honestly a more happy person! Now everyone is different so I can’t tell you YES it WILL work for you but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Things Triplex has helped me with …

  • Overall mood
  • Weight loss
  • Migraines
  • Constipation / Regularity
  • Sleep
  • Immunity

I want to emphasize the immunity part. I started teaching three years ago and my first year teaching I had strep, the flu, several sinus infections and migraines galore! When I started using the Triplex consistently, I can say that I have not had a migraine and I have not been near as sick as I have been in the past. Like maybe one or two colds! Being a teacher, having a strong immunity is almost a must! SO if you’re a teacher and reading this, I felt your pain! I can help you out!

Needless to say, I think EVERYONE can benefit from the Triplex. Whether you’re fit and healthy or just think you don’t need it. I can promise you, EVERYONE needs a healthy gut and Triplex delivers.


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