Network Marketing… What it REALLY is.

People for some reason think network marketing is a scam or pyramid scheme ((I’ll get to that in a minute)) and have a negative outlook about it. Well whether you want to admit it or not, YOU network market everyday, unknowingly. Example: YOU share on social media things you purchase or places you’re going and what do people do? They ASK you about it! Where did you get those or how was your trip? I’m thinking about going! 

Lets back up and really quick look at what network marketing is…. Network Marketing, as defined by Sarah Robbins, “It is a model that takes ordinary people like me and helps them achieve extraordinary results! … Network marketing provides a turnkey business where you start at a low-cost, it carries little to no risk, and there’s no experience necessary to begin. It carries many incredible benefits such as: FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY, FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY, FUN & FRIENDSHIP, and FABULOUS OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH! Rock Your Network Marketing Business, Sarah Robbins. 


Who wouldn’t want all of those things and then some! With Plexus these things ARE possible! Many people think of it as a gym membership with a contract, everyone knows those are a PAIN to get out of. It’s not like this at all with Plexus. You sign up and end up not wanting to do the business, then don’t do it. You have no monthly quotas, you aren’t required to host parties and you don’t have to buy everything upfront to have inventory, customers go directly to your website and purchase there. It’s that easy. Too many network marketing companies require way too much money upfront from their ambassadors/consultants, but not Plexus. 

Lets look at why Plexus is NOT a ‘Pyramid Scheme’…. 

  1. First off, pyramid schemes are illegal! 
  2. Low buy in cost, $34.95 for a year and that includes your website for the year
  3. you CAN surpass the person that signed you up by rank
  4. Plexus actually has products that people need & want, meaning they have value
  5. There’s NO contract, you can walk away anytime you want 
  6. No mandatory/minimum purchase 
  7. 60 day money back guarantee 

So yes, when you sit there are try to tell me ‘oh it’s just another pyramid scheme’, I’m legit rolling my eyes at you in my mind. 

For me, personally, I have been in network marketing almost two years. I have experienced flexibility, REAL financial opportunity, lifelong friends and growth. What I love about Plexus is that THE COMPANY recognizes their ambassadors for their success for almost everything! It’s incredible. My husband and I have been blessed by this company and we are truly grateful for the opportunity that network marketing has given us. So the next time you see something about network marketing, don’t think negatively about it. You have just been educated! 


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