Vitalbiome Vs. ProBio 5

So many people have asked why do we have two probiotics? Well they are both very different and play very different rolls in our bodies. I took notes at convention so I’ll share what I wrote. 


Vitalbiome is one of Plexus’s newest products that was released in June 2017 at Convention. What is it? It is a true probiotic by raising levels of the 8 most beneficial strains of probiotics in your microbiome ( your gut basically ). Vitalbiome has been clinically shown in handling mood, stress and anxiety as well as a better immune system, relaxation and helps with GI issues/dysbiosis

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH VITALBIOME — > Since taking it I, and even my husband, have noticed that I am more relaxed about things and am not so stressed out and anxious. I started taking it the second week of June. 


ProBio 5

Probio 5 has been around when I started and the formula hasn’t changed. It is literally one of the best probiotics you can get yours hands on. What is it? Probio 5 is ALL about the enzymes in our bodies. It’s primary goal is to basically get in your gut and kill off all the bad stuff (yeast/candida) so that the good stuff can do its job. If we don’t kill off the bad then the good bacteria cant flourish.  

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH PROBIO 5 — > I have been using ProBio 5 since I started back in October 2015 and I’ll be honest…. I’m a teacher and my first year teaching I was sick ALL the time. Literally got the Flu for the first time, several migraines throughout the year and sinus infections galore. My second year teaching is when I started using it and I wasn’t sick the rest of the year. To this day I haven’t been near as sick, now I’m not saying YOU’LL NEVER GET SICK, but it has helped tremendously. I think this would be beneficial to anyone who works with kiddos. 


So in closing, Probio 5 DOES NOT replace Vitalbiome but instead think of them as sisters. They work together to make sure that your get is getting all that it needs to flourish. Think of a lawn, you need to WEED (probio 5) it and get rid of the bad things in your yard (gut). Then you need to SEED (vitalbiome) your yard (gut) so that your yard looks good and flourishes. 


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