I was told I was Obese…


Yesterday I went to the doctor just for my annual check up. Everything came back normal, praise Jesus, but something was on my chart that had never been there. My chart had the word “OBESE” on it. OBESE! Let’s think about this word for a minute…. when you Google that word here is the definition: “grossly fat or overweight”. So now I’m in a category of being ‘grossly fat’? Do you know how damaging that is to a person? Someone who has never been told she was obese, even when she was larger than she is now, and to be labeled that? Yesterday, that rocked my world completely. I called my mom sobbing over what I had just seen. For someone who had started their weight loss journey at a size 16, constantly worrying about how she looked and what she ate to now being a 10/12, having so much more confidence, and to be told she was obese after all the hard work? That kind of stuff makes you want to go and hide under a rock. I let it consume my thoughts for about an hour then I realized, the word obese does not define me and who I am. A single word isn’t my reality nor will it ever be. That’s what’s wrong in today’s society. You go over a certain pant size, your ‘fat’ or ‘big’. There are these unrealistic and unattainable ways society THINKS women should look. No wonder there are so many body image issues! So no, I am not going to be defined as ‘obese’. I define myself and I follow what God puts before me. Not some bracket. I will continue to push myself to meet MY personal goal and I’ll do that on Prayer, Plexus, consistency and pushing myself.



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