Plexus Convention!



Where do I even start! Plexus Convention was AMAZING. The theme this year was BELIEVE and that’s exactly what it did for me. In my previous blog posts I talked about wanting to quit Plexus. I didn’t believe in it or myself anymore. With speakers like Carrie Wilkerson, Les Brown, Aimee Darling, Sara Marble, Michelle Thomas and Helen McFadden, believing in yourself isn’t hard to do! They are so so inspiring. Carrie Wilkerson  had a story that really hit home with me and it was about our beliefs. She talked about how our beliefs can become dangerous because our belief becomes out truth. Her example, she BELIEVED that she couldn’t wear white because it made her look bigger, so she only wore black. I used to have a belief that I looked horrible, overweight and not like other people. It wasn’t until recently that my belief changed. Our biggest obstacle is ourselves. She shared with us the ABC method.

  • A – Arrest it / arrest the beliefs that we believe are true
  • B – Betray it / expose something for what it is
  • C – Correct it / make a plan and correct it

We need to believe that something different will happen! I just loved her stories, encouragement that I was able to relate to her.

Convention also helped me better understand my business and what it is that I, as a leader, need to do. I truly believe that Convention is something all ambassadors should go to, it’s just so inspiring. Plus you get to meet all those amazing people you’re Facebook friends with and form a REAL friendship with them.

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Let’s briefly look at NEW PRODUCTS!!!! During convention they released TWO new products, both have which been CLINICALLY STUDIED!!!! So you know they are legit. (More in depth blog post to come)


There’s literally so much I could blog about but I am going to break the blog up into several smaller posts to be on the look out! Questions about Vitalbiome or X-Factor Plus? Hit the contact button up top and I’ll respond!


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