Going GOLD!!!!


The title gives the ending away but lets back up to January 2017 for a minute. In January I wanted to QUIT. The business side of Plexus was just becoming more and more frustrating for me and seemed more like a chore than a passion. I reached out, sent samples, and nothing. There was no growth for months, I wasn’t being a good example of a leader for my team and I had given up. I was ready to talk to my up line, Sally, I just wasn’t sure what I was going to tell her because she had believed in me so much. I talked to my husband about it and prayed and prayed over my Plexus business and what God wanted me to do with it. I waited until he finally told me not to quit. He had a plan for me and I needed to be patient. Let me tell you, patience it not my strong suit but God needed me to be so I had to. Fast forward to April, this was the month I knew in my gut things were about to change. My team added some awesome new ambassadors that had hit the ground running! Towards the end of the month I HIT GOLD! I was beyond floored and excited. Something that I didn’t feel was attainable for me, was done! It was done in His timing and in His plan and there was a lesson to be learned. I had to be there for my team, I had to be their leader, set the example. I had to trust in Gods plan and know he had my back. So moral of the story, DON’T QUIT! When you feel like quitting, pray. Pray for guidance, trust in His plan for you, trust me, he’s got one!



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