Plexus Compensation Plan, Like No Other!

You read the title right, Plexus has a compensation plan like no other. I truly believe their compensation plan sets them apart from “other” companies. Plus their products are legit. So lets dig into their compensation plan a little further. (This post also by no means is bashing other companies nor am I going to compare the Plexus compensation plan to others, this post is just to share how Plexus treats and values their ambassadors)


So above is an ambassadors average annual income. This info is info that has been released by the company so no made up numbers here. How nice would it be to have residual income like this. Think about the things you could pay off! So not only do you get paid by ‘rank’ but you also get bonuses. BONUSES YA’LL! That means you could get paid once a week if you get it right. Plus you get rank advancement bonuses. So for example, when I ranked to Silver Ambassador Plexus gave me a bonus, when I ranked up to Gold Ambassador Plexus gave me a bigger bonus. Eventually you’ll get to Emerald and uhm get a PLEXUS LEXUS!!! WHAT! Plus a paid vacay by Plexus to Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want that?

11 Ways to get Paid: 

  1. Preferred Customer Bonuses – this means anytime a preferred customer places and order, you get a bonus anywhere from $5 – $22 from their orders.
  2. Retail Rewards Commission – Ambassadors can earn up to 25% of their personal volume. 100 – 499 personal volume – 15%, 500 and up 25%.
  3. Retail Rewards Override Commission – you basically get 5% earning from your level ones who are commission qualified.
  4. Business Building Bonus – when your new ambassador orders a welcome pack you get a bonus anywhere from $7 – $25 if not more, depending on what they get.
  5. Achievement Bonuses – this is what I was talking about when you rank up as an ambassador up to Sr. Ruby. Rank up to Silver-  $100 bonus, Gold – $250 bonus, Sr. Gold – $350, Ruby – $500 and Sr. Ruby – $750. Pretty AWESOME!
  6. Fast Start Achievement – what this means is if you fast track gold or higher within your first 30 days you get a bonus.
  7. Plexus Points – I have come to find the points is where ambassadors make their money. The points are everything! For each ambassador on your down line through a certain amount of levels you get points anywhere from 1 point to 5 points. Each point is worth so much at the end of month. So for example, you’re a Gold Ambassador and you have 135 points and each pay point is $2.11, just from points you’d earn about $285.
  8. Emerald Pool Bonus – this is for Emerald ambassadors. What this means is that Emerald ambassadors receive 3% of the company’s commissionable volume each month, assuming you are commission qualified.
  9. Sapphire Pool Bonus – this is for Sapphire Ambassadors. Not only do they also get the Emerald Pool Bonus but they also get another 1% of the company’s commissionable volume.
  10. Diamond Pool Bonus – Diamond is the highest rank with Plexus and you get bonuses from all 3 pools (Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond)
  11. Diamond Re-Entry – Yup, you can do it all over again and be a double diamond! It has been done!

Plus when you reach Emerald you get a white Plexus Lexus and the trip to Hawaii and when you reach Diamond you get a black Plexus Lexus.

To sum it up, the Plexus Compensation Plan is no joke and the best out there hands down. Want a more in depth read? Check the link below! Any questions, feel free to hit that contact button!



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