NEW Plexus Slim

I have received the new and improved Plexus Slim and I am beyond excited to share with everyone about it!

First off, have you seen the new packaging?!?! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

TASTE? I have had SEVERAL people ask me what the new Plexus Slim tastes like. It is a blend of watermelon, lemon and raspberry, all of which are naturally sourced. It honestly tastes like watermelon lemonade. I’ll be honest, I do not like watermelon flavored things but this is actually very good. It’s not near as sweet as the original Slim, which tasted like a cherry Tootsie Pop.

MIXING? When I saw that they had released a new Slim I wondered if they had changed the mix any to better dissolve to avoid clumps like the original Slim had. The new Slim is more soluble and dissolves SO much easier in cold water. You don’t have to shake it but three or four times and it’s mixed!

BENEFITS? One of the new benefits I am so excited about is the fact that slim now has a PREBIOTIC (Xylooligosaccharides)  in it which helps make your gut healthier! Basically a prebiotic feeds probiotics so that they can do their jobs in your gut. Slim also helps support weight loss, healthy glucose metabolism and nourishes the growth of beneficial gut micro-flora.*


NEW FORMULA! (Patent Pending) The new formula is microbiome activating, which means it is designed to help your gut thrive. I have used this saying before, “your gut is like the roots of a tree and if your roots aren’t getting what they need the tree isn’t going to thrive”. When explaining the importance of gut health I always use that because it’s easier for people to understand.


I am BEYOND excited about this! I have been drinking the new Slim now for about four days and I love it. I can definitely tell a difference in my appetite as I am not craving or eating near as much junk and I am actually CRAVING water! That’s right, water! I am so passionate about this product and believe it to its entirety. So many people, including myself, have had such GREAT success with it. If you have ANY questions about Plexus Slim, please click the contact button located at the top of this page and I will gladly answer any questions you might have!


FDA-disclaimer“For this review, Plexus sent me a free bag of Slim, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.”


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