Plexus Slim REVAMPED!

Yesterday was THE BIG REVEAL and let me tell you, it was BIG! Plexus has never done something like this before so it’s a pretty big deal. They have completely re-branded, from the Plexus logo, to product design to even revamping the famous Pink Drink.  How did they change Slim (the pink drink)?


  • Plexus Slim has a new flavor! So for those of you who aren’t huge fans of the flavor, brace yourself! Slim’s new flavor consists of a watermelon, lemon and raspberry blend, all natural I might add, and it’s not as sweet as the original. Can you say YUM! ❤
  • It can FINALLY mix in cold water, no more CLUMPS!!!
  • It has been clinically tested to improve fat loss!
  • It can support our gut microbiome like never before. How? With PREBIOTICS!!! What is a Prebiotic? Prebiotics essencially feed the probiotics so that they can do their job! With these prebiotics Slim has been clinically proven to increase Lactobacillus (friendly bacteria) by 365 times, Bifidobacterium (restores good bacteria) by 290 times, Akkermansia (metabolism) by 250 times, Butyrate (anti-inflammatory)up to 58% and Proprionate by 25%. Ya’ll this is crazy good for your gut.
  • Patent pending so Plexus is literally the ONLY one that has this.


It is currently only available to Plexus ambassadors until later in May when anyone can order it. I’ve been able to order mine and am anxiously waiting for its arrival! I will be sharing another post about my first impressions of it when I get it! In the mean time, feel free to visit the Plexus Slim website for more info.



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