I’m still here!

Whew ya’ll, the past two weeks have been INSANE! I haven’t been able to work out as much as I would have liked and I have been slacking. Why you ask? Well almost two weeks ago I tested positive for strep (yuck I know) and was told to take it easy to allow my body to rest and what not. So I listened, and in self pity I made some not-so-good food choices. Well a few days go by and I’ll be darned if I get a sinus infection. It stuck with me for about a week. It was horrible! So what did I do when I started feeling worse? I made poor food choices again out of self pity. Ya’ll these are bad choices. Yes a ‘cheat’ meal once or twice a week is okay but not cheat days, back to back. That is something I am guilty of the past week is making poor food choices out of self pity. I am feeling better, and I AM GETTING BACK ON THE GRIND!



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