and so it begins….

Well I’ve never actually done before pictures so this was very new and hard for me. I will say, not happy with what I see. (**Disclaimer… I have a resting crank face, but I’m not a cranky person!**) It was hard to look at these pictures knowing that it was I look like. But I am excited and ready to get busy with this challenge! I will posting pictures every two weeks with my progress. I do not own a scale, I believe in non-scale victories! I will also post periodically with my food choices and work outs. Speaking of workouts! I have purchased an agility ladder, thigh master (lord help me) and resistance bands so if you have ANY good workouts with these, comment below! I’m excited and nervous but I want to share my journey with you all! Ready, set, go!





One thought on “and so it begins….

  1. Pam says:

    Lookup on Pinterest they have a lot of good workouts with that kind of equipment. I’ve never done a blog before that sounds like a good idea!


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