Plexus has just announced an AWESOME 4th of July special! You can join me for only $19.99! That’s $15 cheaper than the normal sign up cost. They do not do this often!! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this? I titled this “Freedom” because being a Plexus ambassador has given me so much of it. I have the ‘freedom’ to make my own schedule,’freedom’ from being overweight,’freedom’ financially, ‘freedom’ from anxiety and so much more. I want to touch on the ‘freedom’ from anxiety. I know I am not the only person who struggles with this. My anxiety used to literally consume everything about me. My dog would scratch and I would get anxious about fleas and I would be fixated on it for hours. It was EXHAUSTING! I don’t struggle to that extreme anymore, if not any. It has just been a HUGE blessing for my husband and I. I know if it has been a blessing for me, it can be a blessing for you as well. Join me! If you have questions about ANYTHING, please message me or email me at



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