7 Day Trial Packs

You know what is so great about Plexus trial packs? EVERYTHING! In 7 days you can feel a number of things from an increase in energy, better sleep, curbed appetite and leveled blood sugar levels. IN A WEEK!!! Imagine what could happen if you did it consistently?!?! My team hosts 7 day challenges every couple of months because lets face it, 7 days seems a little bit easier to make a decision than a month. Plus its cheaper, so you invest a little before you invest fully in your health. PLUS, if you don’t like it for some odd reason you get to return it for a FULL REFUND. Plexus has a 1% return rate on their products… that is HUGE. Why is that so huge you ask? That means the products actually work unlike some others on the market. Want to try a 7 day trial pack?

  • Click “Buy Plexus Now” up top ↑
  • Click “Shop Plexus”
  • A pop up will come up, click “Begin Shopping”
  • Since it’s a trial pack, click retail on the next pop up
  • Up top, click “Trial Packs”
  • Choose the one you want then check out! It’s that easy!

Understand if you decide to try it out, I will follow-up with you via email to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you may have! I hope you join me on this journey!




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