Lets face it, soda IS bad for you!!

Ya’ll I’m from Texas, I HAD a love for Dr. Pepper that you wouldn’t believe. Like 5 – 6 a day!!!!! I never realized the health risks coke can cause until I went to the dentist. We are about to get on a personal level so here we go….. Since I drank 5 – 6 Dr. Peppers a day, mind you I rarely drank water, I never thought of the damage cokes had on your teeth. Well, last summer I went to the dentist to find that all but 3 of my teeth had severe cavities that needed to be filled. ALL BUT 3!!!!! People we have 32 teeth!!!!! Talk about feeling beat down and embarrassed!! I stopped drinking coke IMMEDIATELY! Since then I have not had one coke. And since then we have paid a pretty penny to get my teeth fixed, only have 3 more to go! Had I realized this sooner, I would have never put a drop of coke in my mouth. Let’s just say, lesson learned.







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