Okay I went silver back in December 2015 and it was a huge step for me! It took me almost two months to get there but I did. Plexus friends understand this, we all move at different paces!!!!! God has his plan for us so we need to be patient no matter how frustrating it gets!!! Let me tell you, last month people were promoting on the team I’m on left and right. Silver, Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby and even an Emerald!!! Talk about a defeated feeling. Yes, your happy for the others who promoted but know that one day that will be you. It can and will happen as long as you work for it! I saw this tweet the other day and it made me open my eyes about my Plexus business.

“If you want something but have no real plan to get it, you don’t really want it”

Promoting to the higher ranks of Plexus can’t happen if you don’t have a plan. You either work this business like a part time job and get part time job results OR you work it full time and get full time results! Be patient with yourself, write your goals, make a plan and you can and will make it up there Plexus friends!!!



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