New Year, New You?

Hello everyone! So it is now 2018! Can you believe it? With the new year comes….RESOLUTIONS!! Ya’ll, I am one of those that tells myself the same thing every year, as do most of us. I AM GOING TO BE HEALTHIER AND LOSE WEIGHT! I have even told myself that again this year. Look at this….

“But for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions; University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.” (

Did you see that? Only 8% of people actually stick with their new years resolutions! I say we make that percentage go up! Here are a few things that have crossed my mind on how we can stick with our resolutions.

  1. Set REALISTIC goals. Set mini mile stones for yourself. For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds, your first goal could be to lose 5 or 10 pounds to begin with! What happens is we only see that number 30 and don’t give ourselves credit for our successes. Ya’ll, 5 pounds is a big deal!
  2. This next one is honestly my opinion but by all means do what works for you. So they say weight loss is 20% working out and 80% nutrition. I agree totally. However, don’t COMPLETELY cut yourself off. You will be more successful if you allow yourself a cheat meal at least once a week. Don’t deprive yourself! One bad meal won’t make you fat and one good meal won’t make you skinny! So yes, have that ONE cheat meal a week. Not a cheat day, but a cheat meal.
  3. Get moving! Have you ever noticed that after you’ve walked, jogged, weight trained, etc… you feel happier? That’s because when you’re moving your body releases endorphin’s that are mood boosters and help aid in anxiety and over all mood! So get your booty moving! LiveStrong
  4. Lastly, get you some GOOD supplements. You get one body in this lifetime to fuel it with the goods. The supplements I use have helped me so much with achieving a healthier body. Not just on the outside but the inside, which is where it should start. Your gut is like your second brain, it need to be able to thrive but unfortunately we rarely give it what it needs so that it can do its job. I have been able to get my gut in check and have been able to allow the good gut microbes to flourish which has resulted in weight loss, being anxiety free, no more IBS problems (thank goodness!), and just in an overall better state of well being. You can check them out here.

Now, I am no nutritionist! But, I’ve worked in several gyms and have been in this health industry for almost 3 years, I have experiences, have done my research and continue to do so. By all means check with a certified nutritionist! So lets make that 8% go up and lets make this a successful 2018!!!



Plexus Block

Alright guys, here is another video for my video series! It’s all about PLEXUS BLOCK! Ya’ll I literally love Block so much. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I will be armed with Block. Thanksgiving is one meal I don’t want to miss out on, it’s my FAVORITE meal of the year. Love love it! So here is a short video about Plexus Block! Have questions? Feel free to click ‘contact‘ and message me!


Video Series starts TODAY!!!

I am starting a video series about Plexus products (( I bummed this idea from a friend of mine )). I will upload one everyday to every other day. These are just short 5 minutes or less informational videos about their products and my experiences with them. So first on our series is ….. drum roll please …..


My Triplex Testimony

Okay, so I have been on Plexus Triplex consistently for almost a full year. When I first started with Plexus, I started Triplex but then stopped really for no reason. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the impact the Triplex had on me.

So upon starting it, of course I went through DETOX! This is where most people quit because they either can’t stand the detox or they think the product “isn’t working” when in reality, it IS working. TRUST THE PROCESS!!! Think about what you put your body through! You can’t expect your body to immediately bounce back from the years of damage you’ve done to it! My detox consisted of a pretty leery headache, nausea and fatigue and lasted about four days. I pushed through because I knew if I just made it through it, I wouldn’t regret it, and to this day I don’t!

So many issues stem from our gut and when our guts are out of whack, our bodies are out of whack. Our gut is like our second brain basically! I like to think of it as our “happy place”. Why? Well 90% of our bodies Serotonin comes from our gut! If you find yourself struggling with an off mood, happiness and calmness, I can honestly say Triplex can help. I used to struggle pretty bad with anxiety and low self-esteem. Since getting my gut back in check, my anxiety has been kept at bay and I’m honestly a more happy person! Now everyone is different so I can’t tell you YES it WILL work for you but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Things Triplex has helped me with …

  • Overall mood
  • Weight loss
  • Migraines
  • Constipation / Regularity
  • Sleep
  • Immunity

I want to emphasize the immunity part. I started teaching three years ago and my first year teaching I had strep, the flu, several sinus infections and migraines galore! When I started using the Triplex consistently, I can say that I have not had a migraine and I have not been near as sick as I have been in the past. Like maybe one or two colds! Being a teacher, having a strong immunity is almost a must! SO if you’re a teacher and reading this, I felt your pain! I can help you out!

Needless to say, I think EVERYONE can benefit from the Triplex. Whether you’re fit and healthy or just think you don’t need it. I can promise you, EVERYONE needs a healthy gut and Triplex delivers.

Network Marketing… What it REALLY is.

People for some reason think network marketing is a scam or pyramid scheme ((I’ll get to that in a minute)) and have a negative outlook about it. Well whether you want to admit it or not, YOU network market everyday, unknowingly. Example: YOU share on social media things you purchase or places you’re going and what do people do? They ASK you about it! Where did you get those or how was your trip? I’m thinking about going! 

Lets back up and really quick look at what network marketing is…. Network Marketing, as defined by Sarah Robbins, “It is a model that takes ordinary people like me and helps them achieve extraordinary results! … Network marketing provides a turnkey business where you start at a low-cost, it carries little to no risk, and there’s no experience necessary to begin. It carries many incredible benefits such as: FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY, FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY, FUN & FRIENDSHIP, and FABULOUS OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH! Rock Your Network Marketing Business, Sarah Robbins. 


Who wouldn’t want all of those things and then some! With Plexus these things ARE possible! Many people think of it as a gym membership with a contract, everyone knows those are a PAIN to get out of. It’s not like this at all with Plexus. You sign up and end up not wanting to do the business, then don’t do it. You have no monthly quotas, you aren’t required to host parties and you don’t have to buy everything upfront to have inventory, customers go directly to your website and purchase there. It’s that easy. Too many network marketing companies require way too much money upfront from their ambassadors/consultants, but not Plexus. 

Lets look at why Plexus is NOT a ‘Pyramid Scheme’…. 

  1. First off, pyramid schemes are illegal! 
  2. Low buy in cost, $34.95 for a year and that includes your website for the year
  3. you CAN surpass the person that signed you up by rank
  4. Plexus actually has products that people need & want, meaning they have value
  5. There’s NO contract, you can walk away anytime you want 
  6. No mandatory/minimum purchase 
  7. 60 day money back guarantee 

So yes, when you sit there are try to tell me ‘oh it’s just another pyramid scheme’, I’m legit rolling my eyes at you in my mind. 

For me, personally, I have been in network marketing almost two years. I have experienced flexibility, REAL financial opportunity, lifelong friends and growth. What I love about Plexus is that THE COMPANY recognizes their ambassadors for their success for almost everything! It’s incredible. My husband and I have been blessed by this company and we are truly grateful for the opportunity that network marketing has given us. So the next time you see something about network marketing, don’t think negatively about it. You have just been educated! 

Vitalbiome Vs. ProBio 5

So many people have asked why do we have two probiotics? Well they are both very different and play very different rolls in our bodies. I took notes at convention so I’ll share what I wrote. 


Vitalbiome is one of Plexus’s newest products that was released in June 2017 at Convention. What is it? It is a true probiotic by raising levels of the 8 most beneficial strains of probiotics in your microbiome ( your gut basically ). Vitalbiome has been clinically shown in handling mood, stress and anxiety as well as a better immune system, relaxation and helps with GI issues/dysbiosis

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH VITALBIOME — > Since taking it I, and even my husband, have noticed that I am more relaxed about things and am not so stressed out and anxious. I started taking it the second week of June. 


ProBio 5

Probio 5 has been around when I started and the formula hasn’t changed. It is literally one of the best probiotics you can get yours hands on. What is it? Probio 5 is ALL about the enzymes in our bodies. It’s primary goal is to basically get in your gut and kill off all the bad stuff (yeast/candida) so that the good stuff can do its job. If we don’t kill off the bad then the good bacteria cant flourish.  

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH PROBIO 5 — > I have been using ProBio 5 since I started back in October 2015 and I’ll be honest…. I’m a teacher and my first year teaching I was sick ALL the time. Literally got the Flu for the first time, several migraines throughout the year and sinus infections galore. My second year teaching is when I started using it and I wasn’t sick the rest of the year. To this day I haven’t been near as sick, now I’m not saying YOU’LL NEVER GET SICK, but it has helped tremendously. I think this would be beneficial to anyone who works with kiddos. 


So in closing, Probio 5 DOES NOT replace Vitalbiome but instead think of them as sisters. They work together to make sure that your get is getting all that it needs to flourish. Think of a lawn, you need to WEED (probio 5) it and get rid of the bad things in your yard (gut). Then you need to SEED (vitalbiome) your yard (gut) so that your yard looks good and flourishes. 

The new Slim ain’t no JOKE!

I posted this on Facebook about a week ago and it took a lot for me to do it. I wondered, would people be negative? Would people see the difference? Am I imagining what I see in my reflection today! So I went for it. All the post said was “This new Slim ain’t no joke” just like the blog title. The response I got was HUGE! I was honestly really surprised at the response I received.


I have been using Plexus products Since October 2015, specifically the Triplex (Original Slim, Pro Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse). Yes I saw results on the original Slim and it was great BUT this new Slim is a game changer. After two months of using it, my clothes fit different and inches were gone. I can’t tell you weight loss since I don’t own a scale! But pictures speak a thousand words! For differences between the original slim and the new slim go to my previous blog post here.

Now, I want to share this with all of my readers! We are having a 7 Day Slim Challenge starting July 10. All you need to do this is a 7 day Slim trial pack that’s only $24.95. IF you don’t fall in love in love with it (which I’m sure you will) just return it for a FULL refund. It’s RISK FREE! Want to give it a try? Visit my website, click “shop”, click retail, click ‘Trial Packs” at the top and select the “7 Day Slim Trial”. If you do this please send me a message or find me on Facebook so I can add you to the group and meet you!


7 Day Slim Trial Pack

I was told I was Obese…


Yesterday I went to the doctor just for my annual check up. Everything came back normal, praise Jesus, but something was on my chart that had never been there. My chart had the word “OBESE” on it. OBESE! Let’s think about this word for a minute…. when you Google that word here is the definition: “grossly fat or overweight”. So now I’m in a category of being ‘grossly fat’? Do you know how damaging that is to a person? Someone who has never been told she was obese, even when she was larger than she is now, and to be labeled that? Yesterday, that rocked my world completely. I called my mom sobbing over what I had just seen. For someone who had started their weight loss journey at a size 16, constantly worrying about how she looked and what she ate to now being a 10/12, having so much more confidence, and to be told she was obese after all the hard work? That kind of stuff makes you want to go and hide under a rock. I let it consume my thoughts for about an hour then I realized, the word obese does not define me and who I am. A single word isn’t my reality nor will it ever be. That’s what’s wrong in today’s society. You go over a certain pant size, your ‘fat’ or ‘big’. There are these unrealistic and unattainable ways society THINKS women should look. No wonder there are so many body image issues! So no, I am not going to be defined as ‘obese’. I define myself and I follow what God puts before me. Not some bracket. I will continue to push myself to meet MY personal goal and I’ll do that on Prayer, Plexus, consistency and pushing myself.


30 Day Slim Challege

18944394_10213203400340152_459521086_nMy team and I are hosting a 30 Day Slim Challenge starting June 19 and we would love to have you! If you struggle with caffeine cravings, weight loss, sugar cravings, exhaustion or trouble sleeping then this challenge is for you.

What you can expect from the challenge….

  • Daily workouts
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Recipe ideas
  • Product info and highlights

If for some reason you don’t love the products, Plexus offers a 60 day money back guarantee. I will say, Plexus has less then a 1% return rate on their products if that says anything 😉

So if you’re up for the challenge, hit that contact button or find me on Facebook and send me a message!